Lost in the Dark Web? Me Too!

by Secrets of the Dark I recently read a couple of great posts on Illegally downloaded blog (by author Deku-shrub) regarding the nature of the so-called “deep web/dark web,” etc. – specifically, the ones in question are Internet writings about misunderstandings and Literally the best blog post ever. In the former, he expresses his frustration over “unashamed use of ambiguous terminology […]

Accessing Tor on Android Devices

Accessing the Tor network on a mobile device is, for the most part, quite simple – but it’s a question I see a lot.  There’s more than one way to do it, but it partially depends on which device you have (surprise, surprise!). For Android devices, one of the standard apps that you can use […]

Less Talking, More Linking!!

Someone on the Tor network actually said this to me recently when I was describing some interesting .onion websites (without giving any links).  So this time around, I thought I’d post some links from both Tor and Freenet that I discovered in various places. As I’ve said before, I’m aware that the content on many […]