LION777 Continued: Next Clues?

So…I was about to give up on this whole LION777 puzzle, as I thought I’d reached the end, but someone gave me a few new clues. On Pastebin, there’s a post called LION777 33rd Degree Information Unclassified 1337 ARG, which lists additional information on getting to the next few sites. Keep in mind, though – this […]

Alienet: a Different Sort of VPN

by Ciphas Good morning, readers! I’m back after quite the hiatus. I confess this is because I’ve been writing for other publications! (That’s good, right?) I’ve also been (as the title says) exploring quite a few more darknets beyond just Tor, I2P, and Freenet. Maybe this is obvious to some, but those three are only […]

Eobot: Genuine Cloudmining?

Tales from the Cryptocoin    The more I travel down the cryptocurrency path, the more I realize I don’t know (though I suppose that’s true in most fields). I’ve been doing a lot of bitcoin-related tweeting lately, and I happened upon an account called Eobot (@eobot).  They describe themselves as “[t]he easiest way to mine Bitcoin, […]