Google Translate Revisited: Secret Codes?

A while back, I wrote a post calledĀ Investigating Translate Gate, which, I admit, was inspired by videos from Elder’s Vault and Nightmare Expo on YouTube. If you’ve yet to check them out and you love horror/mystery content, I recommend you do so! In any case, Elder mentioned this again on Twitter, which prompted me to […]

Let’s Make a Creepy Dark Web Chat Bot Pt. 2

So, my last chatbot post got me thinking – how would we go about this? What should our “dark web chatbot” say and look like? In terms of its GUI, I like the look of Norman, the psychopath AI: I’ve actually been checking out Norman’s site a bit, and it’s interesting to see the psychological […]

Spamchat and Instaspam: The Clones!

Obviously, spam has been a problem for years, but what I’ve been noticing a lot recently are “quirks” about spam accounts on several different messaging apps and other social sites. Let’s start with Instagram. Like any other popular app, we knew it would have spam issues eventually. The strange part is that some of these […]

Is There AI on the Dark Web?

One of the persistent myths I keep hearing about the dark web (almost as popular as red rooms) is that part of it consists of some giant A.I. with superior intelligence. I think that this probably stems from that same “idiographic” that’s been passing around for the last few years. Specifically, I think it’s this […]