Is There AI on the Dark Web?

One of the persistent myths I keep hearing about the dark web (almost as popular as red rooms) is that part of it consists of some giant A.I. with superior intelligence. I think that this probably stems from that same “idiographic” that’s been passing around for the last few years. Specifically, I think it’s this […]

Are These Horror Stories True?

Those of you who are into the dark web (especially its more disturbing side) have surely heard many of the horror stories surrounding it – if that kind of thing interests you, anyway. After spending more than two years on it, however, I can say that I’m certain many of those stories aren’t true. I’ve […]

Beware, Maltego Will Find You!

by Ciphas A friend of mine recently introduced me to a program called Maltego, made by the South African security company Paterva¬†– and if you use it, it may frighten you. It’s actually been around for a few years, but I only started using it this week. If it sounds unfamiliar, Maltego is a data […]

Fun with Dark Web Social Networking!!

  It should come as no surprise that the dark web (and not just Tor) has its fair share of social networks and forums. ¬†Nonetheless, in this post, I’ll be primarily talking about Tor social networks. ¬†(These are sometimes referred to as “shadow social networks.”) In my experience thus far, I’ve been a member of […]