Daisy’s Destruction (Analyzed)

For some reason, I still see a lot of people on r/deepweb (and elsewhere) ask about the film Daisy’s Destruction. I assume this is because of two things: 1. it’s reached urban legend status, and 2. if you tell people they can’t have something, they want it even more. So I thought I’d attempt to […]

Where Is My Dark Web Mystery Box?

If you frequent YouTube at all, you may have noticed that quite a few YouTubers have been buying so-called “deep web/dark web mystery boxes” and making clickbait videos about them. My take on this is that few, if any, of these “mystery boxes” are actually from the dark web, knowing how much bullshit is on […]

Give the People What They Want!

Someone commented on my post Exploring Tor Links Again, Just For You! the other day, and said the following: “We want snuff/gore/rape websites.” I kid you not. Well, what did I expect when I write a blog about the dark web? Also, I noticed I had been getting a lot of comments on one of my older […]

Not Marianas Web Again! *Facepalm*

One of the persistent “deep web” myths that I’ve tried to debunk, since writing this blog, is the so-called “Marianas Web” (or is it “Mariana’s Web”?). And I know I’ll never convince everyone about this, so why try? Well, because it’s fun! I was chatting with someone earlier today, and he said that “[Marianas Web] […]

Is the Shadow Web a Reality? (No!)

I was checking my stats earlier today, and I noticed that there are still a lot of people searching for the so-called “Shadow Web.” Plus, one of my most popular posts is the one called Is the Shadow Web a Reality? (Updated). I hate to disappoint you, but there is no Shadow Web; I’m certain of […]