Discontinued Darknets??

Given that privacy and anonymity are such a hot topic these days, there are many projects that various people and organizations are developing for just that reason. Several of these I’ve already mentioned multiple times, including Tor, I2P, Freenet, and ZeroNet. Nonetheless, I find the defunct ones to be just as interesting, partly because some […]

Creating a Hidden Network?

One of my readers, with whom I’ve been corresponding on and off, wrote to me with an idea about creating a hidden network from scratch. It may have been inspired by one of my earlier posts, The “Shadow Web” Cited Me? Awesome! In this post, I speculated about how you could create your own “shadow […]

Does Experian Really Monitor the Dark Web?

If the subject of the dark web interests you, you may have seen Experian’s series of “auction” commercials, like this one: Experian’s Auction Commercial – Dark Web Surveillance I think this would qualify as what they refer to as “FUD” on /r/deepweb – manipulation of the less tech-savvy public through fear, uncertainty, and doubt. While the […]

Mesh Networks: Create Your Own Dark Web

It’s an unfortunate fact that not everyone in the world can afford internet service, particularly when we’re dependent on ISP’s to provide that internet service (and there are often only a few companies available). This is one of the reasons that “wireless mesh networks” are starting to become more popular. Mesh networks consist of radio […]