Not Marianas Web Again! *Facepalm*

One of the persistent “deep web” myths that I’ve tried to debunk, since writing this blog, is the so-called “Marianas Web” (or is it “Mariana’s Web”?). And I know I’ll never convince everyone about this, so why try? Well, because it’s fun! I was chatting with someone earlier today, and he said that “[Marianas Web] […]

LION777 Continued: Next Clues?

So…I was about to give up on this whole LION777 puzzle, as I thought I’d reached the end, but someone gave me a few new clues. On Pastebin, there’s a post called LION777 33rd Degree Information Unclassified 1337 ARG, which lists additional information on getting to the next few sites. Keep in mind, though – this […]

There Is No Marianas Web, But . . .

by Ciphas I’ve noticed that a popular question regarding the deep/dark web lately is about “Marianas Web,” which is supposedly the “deepest” level of the deep web. Well, I hate to tell you this, folks, but there is no such thing. There never was. I believe I’ve referenced RationalWiki’s Deep web entry before, but it really […]

The Real “Deep Web Levels”

Ever since those ridiculous “infographics” came out in 2013 claiming that there were “levels” to the deep web, people seem to constantly be asking how to access them. Specifically, this is the one I had in mind: I know I’ll never convince everyone of this, but as I mentioned in my previous post, there are […]

Exposed: Mariana’s Web Scam on Tor!

Good morning, readers!  How is everyone?  (Or as I say to my Italian fans, “Buongiorno, lettori! Come stanno tutti?”) Since I recently branched out into the “business” of exposing scams on Tor and other networks, I thought I should share another one that I came across recently. In my earlier post A Blog About So-Called Mariana’s […]

A Blog About So-Called Mariana’s Web?

  Yeah – I’m probably contradicting myself by writing this, but on my earlier post TsalalNet: Another Urban Legend? Probably, I had basically said that there was no such thing as “Mariana’s Web.”  (And in my experience thus far, I haven’t found any evidence to the contrary.) I was partially basing this opinion on some of […]