Where Is My Dark Web Mystery Box?

If you frequent YouTube at all, you may have noticed that quite a few YouTubers have been buying so-called “deep web/dark web mystery boxes” and making clickbait videos about them. My take on this is that few, if any, of these “mystery boxes” are actually from the dark web, knowing how much bullshit is on […]

Freenet Frustrations: FMS, Sone, etc.

Good morning readers!  The reason I haven’t posted in almost a week is that I’ve been in the process of doing research on other aspects of Freenet, I2P and other networks that I haven’t explored much yet. The other reason might be that I’ve had a little writer’s block, but that’s normal, right? So, I’m […]

AdvOR: If the Tor Browser Gets Too Easy!

Boy, and you thought the dark web was complicated!  I mean, just look at it: I’ve said in earlier posts that it seems the standard Tor browser is designed for general use (by the average internet user).  Other networks, like Freenet and I2P, may require slightly more knowledge of networking (depending on how deep you […]

Bitcoin/Dogecoin Apps: BitMaker and DogeRain

Given that I’m new to the whole Bitcoin arena, I’m perfectly aware that there’s huge potential for me to be scammed.  And just in general, I keep in mind the phrase “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” So, with that in mind, I decided to look into some Bitcoin and […]

Dark Web Myths (feat. Sad Satan!)

Oh, Here’s to My Sweet Satan Before anybody says, “Oh, that’s old news,” I realize that the furor over the game Sad Satan, which was first reported on June 25, 2015, has basically died down. So what can possibly be added to it now that hasn’t already been said? Well, I’d like to take this […]

Privacy Tools: Ghostery vs. Adblock Plus

How many times have you heard this line?  “They’re watching you…” (A lot, I would imagine.) Unfortunately, I’ve begun to realize that it’s true (at least with regard to the web).  Even when using the Tor network, which was created with privacy in mind, you’re still under surveillance, which is why some people have stopped […]